Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Home Video: Diggers

Directed by Katherine Dieckmann
Released April 27, 2007 (in theatres) & May 1, 2007 (on DVD)

"Diggers" is one of the recent independent films that was released in theatres and then on DVD just a few days later. I thought this looked like a great independent gem, but unfortunately it is quite lacking. There is nothing bad per se, but the film never quite takes off from a rather meandering start. Paul Rudd and Lauren Ambrose, the only two of the cast who I am very familiar with, are very much typecast as the occasionally humorous straight man and the philosophically-inclined, intellectual outcast artlover, respectively. They have done much better work, Rudd recently in "Knocked Up", in theatres Friday, and Ambrose as Claire Fisher in "Six Feet Under". The rest of the cast is pretty much undistinguishable in quality. It is a slow, generally unexciting film that occasionally rises to the opportunity and provides some quality scenes with decent acting.


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