Monday, February 23, 2009

The AFT Awards are coming!

Now that the Oscars are over, what next? I would like to present my choices for the best in cinema this past year! My awards include all the regular categories honored at the Oscars (minus the short films, since I've only seen two short films of any kind this year). I also include categories for ensemble cast, breakthrough performance, limited role, and others. Additionally, the announcement of the 2nd Annual AFT Awards will culminate in my top ten scenes of the year, and top 25 films of the year. While most just pick a top ten, I'd like to recognize more of the films that I found so enchanting and exhilarating this year.

Awards will be announced one category per day, starting this Wednesday, February 25th, until the tail end of March. I'll be back infrequently and occasionally after that, returning full-force in May once I'm back in the United States and start heading to the movies again. Enjoy the awards and please offer your own thoughts or choices in the comments!

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