Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Movie You Aught to See: Minority Report

Regardless of whether the decade ended already ended in 2009 or will end at the close of the current year, the 2000s were a wonderful period of cinema with many treasures that deserve to be remembered. Check in at Movies with Abe on Mondays for Movies You Aught to See, a look back at memorable movies from the aughts. They are posted in no particular order, and if you have a great film from the 2000s that you think merits consideration, leave a note in the comments!

Minority Report
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Released June 21, 2002

Leave to it to a great director like Steven Spielberg to make one of the best science fiction films of the decade. This adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story combines looks at the fascinating notion of pre-crime, where murderers can be arrested before they ever commit a crime. This is an extremely complex and well thought-out telling of a truly intriguing story. The visuals are incredible, combining dazzling visual effects and darker backgrounds to set the appropriate mood. This is one of Tom Cruise’s strongest performance, but the real standout is Samantha Morton as one of the future-seeing pre-cogs. Colin Farrell, Max von Sydow, Tim Blake Nelson, and Neal McDonough can also all be found in great supporting roles. Who said that sci-fi films were supposed to have good acting? This one is a real find, and it’s one of the coolest thrill rides the last decade has produced.

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Greg Boyd said...

Solid flick, but it would be lucky to crack my top 150 of the decade. Very good, though.