Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday’s Top Trailer: The Ides of March

Welcome to a weekly feature here at Movies with Abe, Tuesday's Top Trailer. One of my favorite parts about going to see movies is the series of trailers that airs beforehand and, more often than not, the trailer is far better than the actual film. Each week, I'll be sharing a trailer I've recently seen. Please chime in with comments on what you think of the trailer and how you think the movie is going to be.

The Ides of March – Opening October 7, 2011

I’m very happy to see that Ryan Gosling is taking on a slew of roles recently that utilize his talents in great ways, such as “Crazy Stupid Love” and the forthcoming September release “Drive,” which is excellent. Here, he’s part of a hefty ensemble in what looks to be a strong political thriller. Though the structure of the story didn’t quite enthrall me in “Good Night, and Good Luck,” I can appreciate George Clooney’s deft direction and I’m happy to see him tackling this subject matter. Having him play a straight-arrow candidate seems like a good fit, and there are plenty of other high-caliber actors in the cast. Paul Giamatti and Philip Seymour Hoffman can both play seedy well, and, following their recent award wins, it’s great to see them taking on supporting roles and not letting their careers get ahead of them. Thrillers aren’t always great character pieces, but I feel like this one could well be. It looks like the kind of movie whose twists and turns sneak up on you, though one major event is given away in the film’s trailer. Having terrific casts like this sometimes leads to disappointment, but with Gosling, Clooney, Giamatti, and Hoffman on board, I’m not worried, and if anything, I’m incredibly pumped and ready to see it.

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