Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Familiar Faces: Michael Weston

Welcome to a semi-regular weekly feature here at Movies With Abe! There are plenty of actors out there who people recognize by face but can’t identify because they just don’t tend to get the leading roles. There is a fantastic book (and website) dedicated to this phenomenon, appropriately titled “Hey! It’s That Guy” and touting the fantastic J.T. Walsh as the ultimate recognizable everyman.

This series will spotlight an actor or actress who has recently turned in a notable or scene-stealing performance and showcase some of their best cinematic appearances. More than other any feature, this series will merge the worlds of television and film as needed to highlight a performer’s best and most recognizable work.

Michael Weston

Where you’ve seen him most recently: In an unusual starring role in the fantastic “The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best,” already playing in select cities and rolling out in Eugene, Oregon and Palm Desert, CA today, and stalking Lauren Ambrose as a schizophrenic in the lamentable mini-series “Coma.”

Where you might have first seen him: As Zach Braff’s police pal Kenny in “Garden State” and as a terrifying carjacking nightmare for Michael C. Hall’s David on “Six Feet Under.”

Other notable appearances: As Private Dancer in a few season six episodes of “Scrubs,” joining up with Braff yet again in “The Last Kiss,” playing squash with Peter on “White Collar” earlier this season, and meeting up with the fictional Michael Westen on “Burn Notice,” among a number of other appearances.

What you might expect from him: An awkward, naïve, nice enough guy with piercing eyes and a nervous attitude, also occasionally possessing the same nervous qualities with a penchant for criminal tendencies.

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Monibolis said...

I'm a big fan of Michael Weston and I'm pretty much involve in all the fan sites for him (not that many)

Great resume of his career :D