Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Talking Tribeca: The Root of the Problem

I’ve had the pleasure of screening some feature-length and short selections from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, which takes place April 17th-28th.

The Root of the Problem
Directed by Ryan Spindell
Festival Screenings

Anyone who doesn’t like going to the dentist should steer clear of this short with an extremely clever title. It showcases a broad spectrum of fears expressed by one buttoned-up, terrified visitor to the dentist anxiously awaiting the pulling of the wisdom teeth, ranging from acute nervousness to full-on fright. The story arc is not entirely consistent, but it is amusing to watch this fearful protagonist experience a range of emotions as she panics in advance of and during the procedure, thanks in no small part to Brea Grant’s creepy nurse. Rather than leave everything to the imagination and relegate what she sees to delirious hallucinations, this film takes on a more lenient approach, indulging her as she conjures up more and more worrisome images. It’s hardly memorable, but, during its 14-minute runtime, it’s hard to escape the terror and uncertainty this film’s reluctant star is undergoing. This short film is screening as part of the “Deadbolt” program.

See it or skip it? It’s not essential viewing, but it has its appeal.

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