Thursday, September 26, 2013

Movie with Abe: The Paw Project (Capsule Review)

The Paw Project
Directed by Jennifer Conrad
Released September 27, 2013

Opening tomorrow at the IFC Center is “The Paw Project,” an hourlong documentary that tells what its press release describes as a “David and Goliath story” about efforts to stop cat declawing in Southern California. This strong nonfiction film takes equal time to explain the historical facts behind the practice of declawing and to advocate for its cause, serving as both narrative and exposé. To learn that veterinarians advocate for the removal of a cat’s claws in order to make the animal less of a threat to humans when it actually does irreversible harm to the health of the animal is devastating, and the passion of Dr. Jennifer Conrad, who serves as director, producer, writer, and star, is infectious. Chronicling the progress of her movement, the Paw Project, in outlawing the practice in West Hollywood and framing it within the context of the same struggles being won in other California cities and European countries helps to make the cause an inviting and worthwhile one. This documentary is informative and, like any good nonfiction film, makes a stirring call to action to effect change.


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