Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday Night Movie Recommendations with Abe

Welcome back to a weekly feature here at Movies With Abe. I'm going to be providing a handy guide to a few choice movies currently playing in theatres as well as several films newly released on DVD. I’ll also aim to comment on those films I have not yet had the chance to see, and I invite you to add in your thoughts on any films I haven’t seen in the comments below. Understandably, some weeks will have considerably fewer releases to address than others.

Now Playing in NYC

Cold in July (highly recommended): This Sundance thriller is a dark, brooding showcase for Michael C. Hall to define his post-“Dexter” career with a role as a mullet-wearing Texan drawn into a disturbing but immensely watchable world. Not for the faint of heart. Now playing at the IFC Center. Read my review from Sundance.

Frequencies (highly recommended): This innovative dystopian dramedy imagines a world where success is based on perceived intelligence and follows low-ranking, kindhearted Zak in his years-long pursuit of attaining some level of compatibility with emotionless Marie. It’s an energetic and wholly enthralling tale. Now playing at Cinema Village. Read my review from yesterday.

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors (mixed bag): This drama about an autistic boy wandering around the New York City subway for several days has a cool premise but doesn’t manage to deliver on it, offering up an unenthusiastic story with only occasional engaging moments. Now playing at Cinema Village. My review will be up tomorrow.

New to DVD

Nothing of note this week!

Now on Netflix Instant Streaming

Star Trek Into Darkness (recommended): This blockbuster sequel is just about as exciting and fun as its immediate predecessor, and a sure sign that this rebooted franchise is more than capable of sustaining itself. Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve prove fine additions to an already functional and massively enjoyable ensemble.

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