Friday, March 23, 2007

See this Movie: First Snow

First Snow
Directed by Mark Fergus
Released March 23, 2007

"First Snow," released today in only three theatres nationwide, is a drama about a salesman whose life takes a turn after he visits a fortune teller. Guy Pearce ("Memento") is excellent as the film's protagonist, Jimmy, and he is supported by an able cast, including J.K. Simmons ("The Closer") and William Fichtner ("Invasion", "Prison Break"). From the first moment, the movie is ominous and engaging, and avoids the usual fate of this type of film, where the premise and beginning are great, and the movie can't hope to live up to its promise.

A blanket of solid white snow often covers the ground in this extremely well-shot film, with dazzling cinematography and sharp editing. The film has a patient yet panicked feel, which is certainly appropriate. The screenplay is surprisingly good, as one might expect the directing and the idea of the story to completely eclipse the dialogue, but the writing here is great. Overall, it is a well-done thriller with just a touch of the supernatural to get it going, but it avoids getting stuck in that genre. It very likely is not coming to a theatre near you anytime soon (it is coming to Boston on April 6th), but check out the website, for details.



Yossi said...

A word about the theater in which this movie was viewed (Landmark Sunshine):

It is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i loved it. guy pearce is phenomenal and jk simmons does a great and memorable job as always. but what really sets it apart is as everyone said before me (yossi and abe) its beautiful. the sceens are just shot so well. and what made me first want to see the movie was a poster by 5th and 3rd avenue showing an empty car and snow all around if i remember correctly. def a better image especially for this movie then the other two you showed abe. your absolutely right abe the dvd cover, if thats wat it is, is a horrendous description of the movie, makes me think of the full monty even though ive never seen it. anyway for ppl who like smart and and gripping unconventional thriller i def recommend.
A high B+