Monday, March 19, 2007

Where I am at this point...

To start off, I want to recap the year in movies so far. In the future, I'll be posting as I see each movie, but since I'm starting off this far into the year, I'll provide a brief review of what's been good, what's been bad, etc.

300 (D-)
People have said you either love it or hate it, and I definitely hated this terribly written and pointlessly violent movie which lacked any real substance.

Avenue Montaigne (B+)
France's submission for Best Foreign Film at last year's Oscars, which somehow didn't make the cut, is a fabulously entertaining story filled with great characters and a simulataneously amusing and dramatic storyline.

Breach (C-)
A rather unexciting and unfortunately not so thrilling thriller based on a true story that's certainly more interesting than what happens on screen.

Days of Glory (B+)
One of the foreign film Oscar nominees from last year, Algeria's submission about Muslim troops in the French army during World War II is extremely moving and interesting.

Gray Matters (B-)
Heather Graham is rather annoying in a romantic comedy which should have been a lot better (see Puccini for Beginners below). It's not all bad, though, and certainly has some fun moments.

Hannibal Rising (C-)
A terrible misstep for the Hannibal saga, and though no one can be expected to fill Anthony Hopkins' shoes, the screenplay being decent would have been a huge help.

The Italian (B+)
This sure-to-be-little-seen drama is the compelling story of an orphan driven to find his birth mother, and while it is not excellent, it is certainly a compelling drama worth seeing.

The Lives of Others (B+)
The film that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film is certainly a deserving winner, and this suspensful, extraordinarily well-done film is a must-see.

Music & Lyrics (B+)
Hugh Grant is excellent in this entertaining, surprisingly good romantic comedy which doesn't necessarily have too much substance but it is a lot of fun.

Puccini for Beginners (A-)
Hardly released in any theatres, this is by far the best film so far this year, a romantic comedy with a fun twist on relationships and one of the amazing casts in recent years. (See it on DVD for sure!)

Seraphim Falls (C+)
The scenery is certainly dazzling, and the cinematography is great, but generally this fairly short film drags and finds itself muddled throughout.

Shooter (B)
Quite simply, it is a thrilling action film with an exciting storyline, directed very well and entertaining throughout.

Smokin' Aces (B)
If nothing else can be said for it, this is a certainly an enjoyable ride. A ridiculous cast of characters come together to make for a great, fun time.

Starter for 10 (B+)
The Last King of Scotland's James McAvoy is great in this entertaining, enjoyable comedy with a fine cast and fun storyline.

Zodiac (C+)
One would expect a much more suspenseful and well-made thriller from David Fincher, director of one of the best serial killer films ever, Se7en. Unfortunately this film gets lost along the way, and provides little satisfaction.


Yossi said...

fantastic post, Abe! Keep 'em coming...

Anonymous said...

i dont understand how you dont love zodiac, not to be confused with the zodiac which was a movie that came out a yr earlier on the same subject. what you have to understand about this movie is that it is more htan just a killer thriller. the focus isnt on the killer and the killings, but the time, the ppl, and one man bent on catching the criminal through intelligence and perseverance. i thought the entire cast major and minor did fantastic jobs and had a lot to work with as the script and dialogue were very sharp and witty. the suspense goes up and down as the movie shifts to and from the killer/trying to catch the killer but when its there its really there and done well. i liked every aspect of this movie though i admit that its not for everybody. though if ure not looking for cheap thrills - not that there is anything wrong with that at all, then i highly highly recommend. i saw it a while ago but if my memory serves me correctly i liked it enough to give it an