Sunday, April 29, 2007

Great Fun: The TV Set

The TV Set
Directed by Jake Kasdan
Released April 6, 2007

David Duchovny stars as writer/producer Mike in this hilarious and amusing satire of the TV industry. His creative vision of a dramedy series "The Wexler Chronicles" gets a little more than blurred after the influence of stifling executives and a dreadful lead actor. The film is fresh and funny, very reminiscent of its filmmaking industry counterpart "For Your Consideration," from last year.

Duchovny gives a less-than-enthusiastic but appropriately disgruntled (and bearded) performance as Mike, whose dream is slowly ripped away from him as the film progresses. Sigourney Weaver plays great evil as the extremely selfish and uncaring TV executive who wants to dramatically alter the storyline, and title, of "The Wexler Chronicles." Judy Greer is obnoxious and not quite great in a role that does not necessarily fit her talents. Fran Kranz and Lindsay Sloane are very funny as the leads of the film, as the terrible actor and overconfident Zach, and as the far-too-flirtateous Laurel, who realizes the mistake she made in trying to seduce her costar, respectively. The best performance award goes to Ioan Gruffudd, who gets a chance to showcase his talents, unlike in "Fantastic Four," as conflicted British import Richard McAllister. Overall, the film is nothing excellent, but a great story about the art of trying to make great television.


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