Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lacking the Thrill: Fracture

Fracture (Advance Screening)
Directed by Gregory Hoblit
To be released April 20, 2007

Anthony Hopkins stars in this drama/thriller as Ted Crawford, a man who finds out his wife is having an affair, and shoots her. He is arrested and seemingly undeniably guilty, but things are not as they seem. Hotshot attorney Willy Beachum takes the case, confident it will be quick and easy to solve, however, he is in over his head as Crawford continues to mess with his mind.

"Fracture" is a competent enough drama, but as a thriller, it falls short in that it is never truly engaging. There are a great number of humorous moments, which makes for an enjoyable viewing experience, but it gets in the way of a truly gripping storyline. Hopkins is great in his effortless performance as Crawford, and Ryan Gosling is certainly having a lot of fun as Beachum. Overall, the film is a fun enough and fairly clever drama, but it does not truly engage the viewer as a great thriller.


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Anonymous said...

i agree with your rating abe but i thought this movie was entertaining the only problem was it felt uninspired. there was nothing fresh that set this movie apart. it was interesting captivating and thrilling but still walking out of this by the book mystery just felt like i couldve been watching any of a 100 good but not great thrillers. still as bad as my comments may seem i did enjoy it and it is a good thriller