Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fantasy A Bit Much: Stardust

Directed by Matthew Vaughn
Released August 10, 2007

This fantasy epic stars out as a just plain bizarre old-fashioned fairy tale and becomes an even weirder and often inexplicable journey. The assembled cast contains members who have had some great roles but here end up in generally goofy and strange roles. Michelle Pfeiffer projected evil much better as a manipulative TV executive in "Hairspray" than she does here as a scheming, power-hungry witch. The most unexpected turn in "Stardust" comes from Robert DeNiro as a flamboyant captain who wear dresses while dancing around in front of his mirror. How he ended up taking this role I am not sure I will ever understand. The film as a whole is too light and adventure-y without really having any genuine substance. Too much is comic and the overall mood of the film is corniness. An attempt at a sparkling fantasy adventure becomes a messed-up, unoriginal fairy tale.


Trailer note: I am indescribably excited for "The Golden Compass". I read the books so long ago, but I remember enjoying them a great deal. And I see Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, and a couple of armored polar bears. Count me in.

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