Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Usual, Nothing More: Dan in Real Life

Dan in Real Life (Advance Screening)
Directed by Peter Hedges
To be released October 26, 2007

Steve Carrell cannot save this tepid and unoriginal romantic comedy. The audience was roaring decently hard with laughter, but I could not find anything too funny. This particular family is way too into all of their family games and get-together activities, and all of the dialogue is pretty awful. Most of the situational comedy that was supposed to come across as hilarious was instead almost unbearably awkward (and not in a good way like Carrell's character on "The Office"). Carrell himself is fine, but he is not trying that hard, even though the role does not call for it. The most perplexing aspect of this film is how anyone could believe that Dane Cook and Juliette Binoche could ever by remotely attracted to each other. The brightest aspect of this film is the brief appearance of Emily Blunt ("The Devil Wears Prada"), who instantly lights up the screen with her presence and should hopefully be given some terrific roles in the future.


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