Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Movie You Aught to See: A Christmas Tale

Regardless of whether the decade ended already ended in 2009 or will end at the close of the current year, the 2000s were a wonderful period of cinema with many treasures that deserve to be remembered. Check in at Movies with Abe on Mondays for Movies You Aught to See, a look back at memorable movies from the aughts. They are posted in no particular order, and if you have a great film from the 2000s that you think merits consideration, leave a note in the comments!

A Christmas Tale
Directed by Arnaud Desplechin
Released November 14, 2008

This lovely French film is a presented as a modern-day fairy tale, with an imaginative and eye-popping opening that helps to introduce the assorted members of the Vuillard family, who have all come home after learning that matriarch Junon has been diagnosed with cancer. The ensuing interactions are dramatic, funny, intimate, and entirely captivating. French screen legend Catherine Deneuve leads an extraordinarily talented cast that also includes outstanding performances from Mathieu Amalric and Emmanuelle Devos, who recently starred together again in this year's “Wild Grass.” This film is unlike any other you’re likely to see, and it’s a moving family drama with an enormous amount of heart and wit.

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