Sunday, July 3, 2011

Movie with Abe: Love Etc. (Capsule Review)

Love Etc.
Directed by Jill Andresevic
Released July 1, 2010

This documentary could well be described as a real-life version of “New York, I Love You,” an ode to love set against the backdrop of New York City. This whimsical film follows five different subjects, terming each by a different name – Lasting Love, Starting Over, Getting Married, Single, and First Love. Among them are an adorable pair that have been married happily for forty-eight years, two impending newlyweds, two high schoolers, a divorcé, and a gay man planning to adopt via a surrogate. There is such diversity among the stories told that it really does paint a true picture of the complexities and different possibilities of love without holding anything back and presuming that each couple or individual will end up happy simply because that’s the way their tale is supposed to end. “Love Etc.” is a sweet, funny, charming, honest, wholesome, and ultimately affecting drama that deserves to be seen by any and every audience.


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