Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Night Movie Recommendations with Abe

Welcome to a weekly feature here at Movies With Abe. Absent a wealth of new film reviews during the weekend, I’d like to start providing a handy guide to a few choice movies currently playing in NYC as well as several films newly released on DVD. I’ll also aim to comment on those films I have not yet had the chance to see, and I invite you to add in your thoughts on any films I haven’t seen in the comments below. Understandably, some weeks will have considerably fewer releases to address than others.

Now Playing in NYC

The Guard (highly recommended): This very clever and entertaining film comes from John Michael McDonagh, the brother of Martin McDonagh, the man behind “In Bruges.” This similarly unique film with Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle is a must-see. Now playing at the AMC Empire, Lincoln Plaza, and the Angelika. Read my review from yesterday.

Crazy Stupid Love
(highly recommended): This winning comedy doesn’t have a weak link, featuring great performances from Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone. It’s hard not to like, and it’s definitely above-average. Now playing in wide release. My review will be up tomorrow.

The Future (mixed bag): Miranda July’s oddball follow-up to “Me and You and Everyone We Know” is more of a narrative, less of an ensemble, and ultimately an unsatisfying second film from this creative filmmaker. Now playing at the IFC Center. My review will be up on Monday.

Attack the Block (mixed bag): This loud, aggressive action film starts featuring British punks starts out as rather ordinary and unimpressive but picks up enough by its third act that it’s decently watchable. Now playing at the AMC Empire and Regal Union Square. My review will be up on Tuesday.

I’m hoping to see Cowboys & Aliens at some point soon and could probably skip The Smurfs.

New to DVD

Life During Wartime
(recommended): This quirky and peculiar film from director Todd Solondz boasts some truly intriguing and mesmerizing dialogue and scenes, and some interesting content related to pedophiles, even if there’s something missing in the unification of the storylines.

Mao’s Last Dancer (recommended): Dancer and first-time actor Chi Cao turns in a strong debut performance in this epic story also featuring Bruce Greenwood and Kyle MacLachlan. It’s a sweeping tale with gorgeous dancing and a compelling heart.

Now on Netflix Instant Streaming

Whatever you do, please don’t watch either Skyline and The Last Airbender. Trust me.

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