Monday, September 5, 2011

Home Video with Abe: Wild Target (Capsule Review)

Wild Target
Directed by Jonathan Lynn
Released October 29, 2010

Browsing for a film to watch on Saturday night, I found this crime comedy available from Netflix Instant Streaming. This wacky film follows three characters brought together in one parking garage, as veteran assassin Victor Maynard (Bill Nighy) fails to take out his latest target, con woman Rose (Emily Blunt), and instead saves her from her fate while the innocent Tony (Rupert Grint) is nearly caught in the crossfire. The trio makes for an absolutely entertaining bunch, as the tightly-wound, suit-sporting Victor emphasizes order and tradition, the flirtatious Rose steals anything and everything she sees, and the kindly Tony is simply mesmerized by the events going on around him. Nighy is fun, Blunt is charming, and Grint proves he can do more than play Ron Weasley. They’re joined in the cast by Rupert Everett as the gangster who put a hit out on Rose, Martin Freeman and Gregor Fisher as two of his hit men, and Eileen Atkins as Victor’s rather committed mother. The movie is sleek and stylish, but more importantly, it’s a blast. If anything, it’s a bit fleeting and light, but overall, it’s an enjoyable experience and definitely something worth watching on Netflix.


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