Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday's Top Trailer: Entourage

Welcome back to a weekly feature here at Movies with Abe, Tuesday's Top Trailer. One of my favorite parts about going to see movies is the series of trailers that airs beforehand and, more often than not, the trailer is far better than the actual film. Each week, I'll be sharing a trailer I've recently seen. Please chime in with comments on what you think of the trailer and how you think the movie is going to be.

Entourage – Opening June 5, 2015

Eight years ago, I started Movies with Abe as a blog where I wrote reviews of film and television. A few months later, I decided to split the focus into two blogs, one for film and one for television. Occasionally, the two do interact, and I can think of no better example than this, a movie being made as a rather unnecessary culmination to a long-running TV show. Looking back over my reviews of the last few seasons of the show, I actually liked the eighth and final season better than the seventh, sixth, and fifth, though it was nothing like the quality of seasons two and three, when the show was really good. I’m sure the film will be fun, but it strikes me as extravagant and extraneous, but that’s sort of what always defined the show. There are a bunch of big names rattled off visually in the trailer, and, out of everything I’ve ever seen, this show and its expanded cinematic universe is probably best equipped to handle star presence without letting it get in the way, allowing celebrities to play themselves and be a part of the plot. The addition of the likes of Haley Joel Osment and Jessica Alba shouldn’t hurt, but instead should enhance the celebrity culture of the film. I’d liken this most to the “Sex and the City” movie, a more exaggerated blowout of the same type of stories, one last hurrah for this group of four friends and Ari. I’m not sure I’ll rush to see it, but it’s set to be an entertaining, explosive, possibly worthwhile ride.

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