Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Talking Tribeca: Wednesday 04:45

I’ve had the pleasure this year of screening a number of selections from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, which takes place April 15th-26th.

Wednesday 04:45
Directed by Alexis Alexiou
Festival Screenings

Naming a film after a day and time suggest that said moment is central to its plot, and that’s true here, though in this case it’s all about the buildup. Stelios (Stelios Mainas) owns a jazz club in Athens and is struggling to keep it afloat. The timing of his initial investor demanding full payment of the many debts he has incurred couldn’t be worse, and what starts as a drama turns into an action-packed thriller as Stelios takes steps to survive as best as he can. There is a certain feel to this film that helps suspend and extend its mood throughout, making its story invigorating and exciting. This is a constantly evolving film that ends in a much different place and much different style than it begins, making an admittedly violent journey towards an inevitable ticking clock enticing and worthwhile.

See it or skipt it? See it if you’re up for a brooding thriller with more blood than you might expect given its premise.

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