Friday, April 28, 2017

Movie with Abe: Below Her Mouth

Below Her Mouth
Directed by April Mullen
Released April 28, 2017

Passion can do crazy things to people. Most human beings are capable of thinking things through and reasoning out logical options and consequences to their actions, but it’s easy to become blinded to all that when attraction and the allure of being with someone gets in the way. Films tend to spotlight the most intense moments of a relationship, however fleeting, both the highest points of complete joy and happiness and the lowest points of misery and regret. This subject has been explored endless times, and it’s nice to see a new take that feels familiar yet still manages to achieve sufficient originality to allow it to stand on its own.

Dallas (Erika Linder) is a roofer with her own business who has just ended a relationship with her girlfriend. At a bar one night, she sets her sights on Jasmine (Natalie Krill), a fashion editor who is happily engaged to a man and only there to be with her friend. Dallas presses Jasmine to give her a chance, and despite repeated reminders that she has a fiancé, Jasmine eventually gives in, leading to a momentous affair that shows both women something that they hadn’t expected: real romance for Dallas and something truly transformational for Jasmine.

This film has the unique distinction of being shot by an entirely female crew, lending it considerably more credibility than, say, “Blue is the Warmest Color,” another tremendous film that was the subject of some controversy after its release because of the fact that it was filmed by a male director that many claimed couldn’t possibly understand the lesbian perspective. While this reviewer can’t claim to do that either, this film does serve as a strong companion to the other, full of just as much passion even if it clocks in at less than half its runtime.

Linder, a female supermodel famous for being booked for male modeling campaigns, and Canadian actress Krill make a fabulous pair, each conveying the extreme emotions that go into the affair that Dallas and Jasmine begin. The romance here feels honest and raw, and the explicit nature of many of the sex scenes isn’t used as a handicap, with the film still managing to deliver plenty of depth. This is an affirming, memorable film that ends on just the right note, delivering an energizing and satisfying story that illustrates the power of passion.


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