Monday, December 12, 2022

Golden Globe Nominees: Best Motion Picture – Drama

My predictions: 3/5
Who’s missing? Women Talking, She Said, The Whale

This category doesn’t include surprises other than the films it’s missed, namely “Women Talking,” which should have been a shoo-in. I’m seeing Avatar: The Way of Water tonight, apparently after Golden Globe voters who were able to enthusiastically acclaim a sequel to a previous winner in this category. Elvis also did well, meriting a directing bid to go with star Austin Butler’s mention. TÁR performed about as expected, while Top Gun: Maverick could have done better and The Fabelmans missed out on an extra acting nomination or two that it could have gotten. That doesn’t leave a clear frontrunner, which at least is interesting.

Who will win? I feel like this will be The Fabelmans but maybe “Avatar: The Way of Water” can win too?

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