Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Great Pixar: Ratatouille

Directed by Brad Bird
Released June 29, 2007

Pixar's latest offering is just as fun as you might expect. A clever storyline involving rats, humans, and a good deal of cooking comes together very well in this amusing comedy. As with recent movies like "Cars", there are plently of simple comic moments which amuse young children yet a surprising amount of more mature material which provides a few laughs for the not-so-small crowd. The voices for the two principal characters, rat Remy and wannabe chef Linguini, are relative unknowns Patton Oswalt and Lou Romano, respectively, and they do a great job creating the vocal half of these great protagonists. Notable standouts from the supporting cast include Janeane Garofalo as a French cook and Peter O'Toole as an almost evil food critic. The film's commentary on the idea of criticism is particularly fun. The last third of the film gets a bit predictable and rushed, but nonetheless, it is a fun ride, and the best part is that it is great for everyone.


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