Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Interesting To Be Sure: Sicko

Directed by Michael Moore
Released June 22, 2007

Michael Moore's latest controversial documentary had a stunning and effective marketing campaign including two fantastic posters and some great taglines. His film is pretty much as one might expect it to be, full of crazy statistics and some compelling people and cases for Moore's point. I have only seen "Fahrenheit 9/11" out of all Moore's previous films, and "Sicko" seems more serious and possibly less far-fetched. I am not really familiar with the health care industry and whether Moore's statistics are correct, but he certainly goes very much in-depth with all his supporting facts and arguments, and if nothing else, I am certainly more compelled to vote for Hillary Clinton in the next presidential election. Generally, the film is an occasionally funny, more often distubing look at the effectiveness (or rather, ineffectiveness) of the health care industry in America. It is politically charged the whole way through, but Moore is still pretty crafty in the way he makes a case and uses archive footage to fuel it.


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