Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home Video: The Matador

The Matador
Directed by Richard Shepard
Released January 6, 2006

I found this film flipping through satellite offerings, and knew that it garnered some buzz two years ago when lead actor Pierce Brosnan surprisingly made it onto the Best Lead Actor in a Comedy or Musical list at the Golden Globes. I can say that he is hardly deserving of that honor, as his performance demands little and he gives little effort to match that. Greg Kinnear is also lost in an unfortunate role that he can do nothing about (that seems to be a trend with him lately). The film is just plain bizarre, unclassifiable in any genre, and inexplicable in regard to a number of elements. Its pacing is off, the plot is overwhelmingly predictable at times and impossible to grasp at others. It seems to be a comedy, but a very unsubstantiated one at that. It is a decently enjoyable ride if you can get over the fact that it is just so random.


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Anonymous said...

You sound like you just didn't "get it" mate. Pierce Brosnan was brilliant in the role and should have won the Globe. A great little film