Monday, September 10, 2007

Provocative and Wonderful: The Bubble

The Bubble (Ha-Buah)
Directed by Eytan Fox
Released September 7, 2007

This great new film from gay Israeli director Eytan Fox ("Walk on Water") is not what you typically see in theatres in the USA. The story of a same-sex romance between an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian is full of explicity sexual content and disturbing elements surrounding the Arab-Israeli conflict. Nonetheless, it is a powerful and effective journey which is so perfectly described by its title. The cinematography feels dreamlike, and the scenery is great. The most impressive aspect of the film is the cast. Ohad Knoller and Yousef Sweid have such immediate chemistry on screen and play their parts so fantastically. Alon Friedmann gives a true performance as usual third wheel Yelli. The true relevation in the film is Daniella Wircer as activist and unhelpful jewerly salesperson Lulu. All the actors really inhabit their roles, and enhance the film. A wondrous experience throughout that requires some suspension of disbelief but ultimately becomes extremely fulfilling.


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Anonymous said...

I am certainly not a film expert but I think more weight should be given to the movie's credibility. The latter part of the movie lacked an essential suspension of disbelief that does not allow for a genuine portrait of Israeli society. Without this credibility, the underlying message of the movie gets lost in elaborate and obvious technique that threatens its intended portrayal of reality. With this being said, I respectfully disagree with your overall positive assessment (even without getting into political grievances--another conversation).