Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Movies You Aught to See: Puccini for Beginners

Regardless of whether the decade ended already ended in 2009 or will end at the close of the current year, the 2000s were a wonderful period of cinema with many treasures that deserve to be remembered. Check in at Movies with Abe on Mondays for Movies You Aught to See, a look back at memorable movies from the aughts. They are posted in no particular order, and if you have a great film from the 2000s that you think merits consideration, leave a note in the comments!

Puccini for Beginners
Directed by Maria Maggenti
Released February 2, 2007

This surprising gem is a wonderful tale of a lesbian named Allegra who meets both a man and a woman in New York City and begins dating both of them at the same time, unaware that they have both just recently broken up after having dated each other for years. The film is entirely enjoyable and showcases magnificent performances from Elizabeth Reaser (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Gretchen Mol (“The Notorious Bettie Page”), and Justin Kirk (“Weeds”) as the members of the love triangle, and also from supporting players Julianne Nicholson (“Law & Order: Criminal Intent”) and Tina Benko (“Brotherhood”). This is a fresh, delightful, funny story which weaves the remarkable coincidences possible in New York City into its plot and does a terrific job of crafting a memorable and magnetic film.

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