Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Night Movie Recommendations with Abe

Welcome to a new weekly feature here at Movies With Abe. Absent a wealth of new film reviews during the weekend, I’d like to start providing a handy guide to a few choice movies currently playing in NYC as well as several films newly released on DVD. I’ll also aim to comment on those films I have not yet had the chance to see, and I invite you to add in your thoughts on any films I haven’t seen in the comments below. Understandably, some weeks will have considerably fewer releases to address than others.

Now Playing in NYC

Earthwork (recommended): This portrait of artist Stan Herd is most noteworthy for its vivid showcase of his magnificent earthworks. It’s nice to see John Hawkes continuing to take on roles that are legitimately interesting following his Oscar nomination last year. The cast is pretty good, and this movie is worth a watch if you like interesting kinds of art. Read my review from yesterday.

That’s What I Am (mixed bag): I’m relieved to report that WWE Studios has significantly improved over last year’s feature “Knucklehead” by relegating its wrestler star to an appropriate supporting role and putting Ed Harris in the lead instead of Mark Feuerstein. It’s not terrific or even that good by any means, but at least it’s not awful. Check out my review tomorrow.

I’m hoping to see Fast Five this weekend, which I’m superbly excited for since it’s my ultimate idea of a guilty pleasure. I’d be interested in Sympathy for Delicious, Exporting Raymond, and Cave of Forgotten Dreams as well. I can skip Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil and Prom for sure.

New to DVD

Nothing to note this week – come back next week!

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