Sunday, June 19, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to those who entered the second Movies With Abe giveaway. Among the most creative answers were the Joker from “The Dark Knight,” making the pencil disappear, and Grant McCune, the special effects wizard who brought “Star Wars” to us. Utilizing a random number generator (seriously!), the winner is Arielle, who cited Eisenheim (Edward Norton) from “The Illusionist” as her favorite magician, naming the orange trick as his most impressive feat. Arielle gets a copy of the film on DVD, a signed copy of the soundtrack, a signed poster, and two decks of playing cards from the film. Expect more giveaways in the future here at Movies With Abe, and thanks again for playing! There will be plenty of movie reviews in the coming weeks, as well as the continuation of weekly features and the start of a brand new one. Check back daily for new content here at Movies With Abe.

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