Thursday, May 24, 2012

Movie with Abe: Ashley’s Ashes (Capsule Review)

Ashley’s Ashes
Directed by Christopher Hutson & Chris Kazmier
Released on VOD on May 23, 2012

This light-hearted ensemble drama, which arrived on VOD yesterday after appearing at a number of film festivals, features Googy Gress, an occasional TV guest star, as Bob, a disgruntled man who is left the ashes of a mystery person. Gress is hardly the most energetic or endearing lead, but the film is littered with more engaging personalities, played by the likes of Daniel Baldwin, Orson Bean (“Desperate Housewives”), Christian Clemenson (“Boston Legal”), Lee Arenberg (“Once Upon a Time”), Scott Michael Foster (“Californication”), Willie Garson (“White Collar”), Clint Howard, and others, to help him along towards discovering just who this person whose ashes he has inherited was. His journey towards finding a better state of happiness is a slow-moving rollercoaster with several peaks, and the film manages an effective dramatic ending after 100 minutes of soul-searching on Bob’s part. The film seems made to be inspirational, and therefore it’s hard to fault its light tone and easy to sit back and enjoy this generally pleasant and relaxing film. It’s always a delight to root for the underdog, and Bob is certainly that. As a film to watch at home, this one should be perfect for a casual night in, almost guaranteed to make you smile.


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