Thursday, November 14, 2013

Other Israel Film Festival Spotlight: Under the Same Sun

The 7th Annual Other Israel Film Festival takes place in New York City November 14th-21st, and Movies With Abe is proud to offer you a spotlight on some of the films being presented. Visit the festival website for a complete schedule of screenings for the films.

Under the Same Sun
Directed by Sameh Zoabi
Screening November 15 at 7pm and November 16 at 9:15pm

This imagined idea of Israeli-Palestinian business cooperation against impossible odds is an example of such collaborative behavior, produced by an Israeli and directed by a Palestinian. The conflict is made tangible and real by the fact that business partners Nizar, a Palestinian, and Shaul, an Israeli, meet on the side of the road near checkpoints because neither is comfortable or able to cross into where the other lives. They discuss their plans for sustainable energy for Israelis and Palestinians alike are kept top-secret, and when news of their partnership inevitably leaks, good friends turn against them, showing equal disdain from relatives and acquaintances on both sides. Its concept may be overly simplistic, but the overarching notion here is one of working together despite differences for the common good.

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