Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday’s Top Trailer: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Welcome back to a weekly feature here at Movies with Abe, Tuesday's Top Trailer. One of my favorite parts about going to see movies is the series of trailers that airs beforehand and, more often than not, the trailer is far better than the actual film. Each week, I'll be sharing a trailer I've recently seen. Please chime in with comments on what you think of the trailer and how you think the movie is going to be.

Exodus: Gods and Kings – Opening December 12, 2014

I never got around to seeing the biblical epic from a renowned Oscar-nominated director staring more than one Oscar-winning actor that opened earlier this year, “Noah.” I will say that, based on trailers alone, this one looks like the better and ultimately much more exciting choice. Ridley Scott has made some movies recently that have not been terrific, like “The Counselor,” but he’s also proven himself to be an action master, most notably with his Best Picture winner “Gladiator.” While he lent star Russell Crowe to Darren Aronofsky for that other movie this year, he did enlist someone else who has proven prolific and more than capable of assuming the action lead, and that’s Christian Bale. Casting him as Moses and Joel Edgerton, who has appeared in everything from “Attack of the Clones” to “Animal Kingdom” to “Warrior,” as his brother/nemesis Rhamses (the spelling can never be the same in two places) seems like an excellent choice since the two are action stars but also have proven acting chops. Throw in Emmy winner Aaron Paul and Oscar winner Ben Kingsley, plus Sigourney Weaver, Jon Turturro, Ben Mendelsohn, and Hiam Abbas in the supporting cast and you have a definitively eclectic ensemble. “The Prince of Egypt” was a roaring success sixteen years ago, and this film is taking a remarkably different approach, namely in what looks like an extremely dramatic and thrilling interpretation of the plagues. The exodus from Egypt is a story ripe to be told as an action movie, and I think Scott is just the one to do it.

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