Sunday, February 21, 2016

Oscar Winner Predictions: Best Cinematography

The competition: Carol (Edward Lachman), The Hateful Eight (Robert Richardson), Mad Max: Fury Road (John Seale), The Revenant (Emmanuel Lubezki), Sicario (Roger Deakins)

Previous winners: Birdman, Gravity, Life of Pi, Hugo, Inception, Avatar, Slumdog Millionaire, There Will Be Blood
My winner: ‘71
The facts: Lubezki has won two years in a row now, with five previous nominations on top of that. This is the thirteenth nomination for Deakins, who has yet to win, and his fourth in a row. This is the ninth nomination for Richardson, who won for “Hugo,” “The Aviator,” and “JFK.” This is the fifth nomination for Seale, who won for “The English Patient.” This is the second nomination for Lachman. Only “The Hateful Eight” is not nominated for an ASC Award. “The Revenant” took home that trophy.

Who should win: All great choices! This is actually one place that I think “The Revenant” deserves an award and I would be happy to see it win. “Carol” or “The Hateful Eight” would be good too.
Who will win: All signs point to Lubezki winning his third consecutive trophy for The Revenant, though I suppose “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the other film nominated in every single category, could steal it.

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