Saturday, February 8, 2020

Oscar Winner Predictions: Best Animated Short

The nominees:
Daughter (B+)
This fifteen-minute Czech film features no dialogue as it explores the relationship between a daughter and her dying father. The animation is raw and stunning, and the film is powerful.

Hair Love (B+)
This six-minute delight finds an African-American girl struggling to contain her hair and longing for more. It’s a sweet and simple film that is sure to win over voters. Watch it for yourself on YouTube.

Kitbull (B)
Maybe it’s become I’m not a pet person, but this nine-minute story of a cat and dog in San Francisco is perfectly fine but far from memorable, especially considering its Pixar ties. Watch it for yourself on YouTube.

Memorable (A-)
This twelve-minute French short brilliantly explores fading memory in its portrait of a painter and his wife, using its animation style to enhance the effectiveness of its deeply moving and heartbreaking storytelling.

Sister (B)
This eight-minute Chinese stop-motion film explores the effects of a sibling in childhood, packing an emotional punch but taking a while to get there.

Previous winners: Bao, Dear Basketball, Piper, Bear Story, Feast, Mr. Hublot, Paperman
For your information: This is the first Oscar nomination for all filmmakers in this category. “Hair Love” was funded by Kickstarter but picked up by Sony Pictures Animation and shown before “The Angry Birds Movie 2.” “Kitbull” comes from Pixar, a fifteen-time nominee with five wins, including last year for “Bao.”

Who should win: I would be fine with “Hair Love” or “Daughter” winning, but “Memorable” is my definite favorite.
Who will win: With three different movies about memory and loss competing, I think Hair Love prevails.

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