Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Golden Globe Nominees: Best Foreign Film

My predictions: 4/5
Who’s missing? Many films!

I did pretty well here, predicting “I Carry You With Me” instead of horror movie La Llorona (Guatemala/France), which I’ve avoided seeing until now but am finally going to screen. It joins Another Round (Denmark) and Two of Us (France/USA) as the films eligible for the corresponding Oscar race. Minari (USA) didn’t earn nominations in any other categories, which probably reduces its chances of victory, while The Life Ahead (Italy) did earn a nomination for its song but missed out on a bid for star Sophia Loren. What I’ve seen is pretty good of this list but isn’t likely to match up too closely with Oscar.

Who will win? Even though it isn’t nominated elsewhere, I’ll pick Minari.

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