Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Oscar Winner Predictions: Best Animated Short

The nominees:
Burrow (B+)
A rabbit has big plans for what her home will be like, and finds that reality is going to present obstacles and opportunities. This dialogue-free short is inventive and heartwarming, running just six minutes. Watch it now on Disney Plus.

If Anything Happens I Love You (B+)
Two parents mourning the loss of their child struggle to reconnect and come to terms with what they have suffered. This emotional film is definitely for adults, though it utilizes powerful imagery to convey the lingering spirit of their child’s presence. Watch it now on Netflix.

Genius Loci (B)
This striking French film uses its animation to tell its story in a particularly memorable way, interpreting the city and its characters through the ways in which they blend together. It’s certainly not easy to follow as a narrative, but there is an artistry to the movement of shapes that is powerful and enduring. Watch a teaser on Vimeo.

Opera (B+)
There’s so much going on in this very intricate and mesmerizing film, one that explores civilization and conflict, representing the way people interact with one another and how they function. It’s almost impossible to catch everything that is going on in this visual portrait of history through a constantly-operating pyramid, but what comes across is tremendous effort and immense thought. Watch a trailer on YouTube .

Yes-People (B+)
This Icelandic delight is indeed peculiar but also rather entertaining, almost wordlessly spending time with a group of people as they go about their day. Its character connections and minimal plot are clever, while its animation is particularly remarkable. Watch it on YouTube via The New Yorker .

Previous winners: Hair Love, Bao, Dear Basketball, Piper, Bear Story, Feast, Mr. Hublot

For your information: This is the first Oscar nomination for all filmmakers in this category. “Burrow” comes from Pixar, a major historical player in this category last nominated in 2018, for “Bao,” which won.

Who should win: I think I’d choose “If Anything Happens I Love You” or “Opera.”
Who will win: I think this will be If Anything Happens I Love You but it could also go to “Opera.”

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