Friday, April 27, 2012

Movie with Abe: Citizen Gangster (Capsule Review)

Citizen Gangster
Directed by Nathan Morlando
Released April 27, 2012

In both cinema and folklore, bank robbers are almost always cult heroes. In film, stories as diverse in tone as “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Bonnie and Clyde,” and “Public Enemies” have glorified thieves that steal from the rich most often to give to themselves. In the more serious of cases, the hero often dies violently, or at least suffers a lonely existence after enjoying plenty of infamy. The true story of Canadian father and veteran Edwin Boyd glamorizes its protagonist, as he watches himself being profiled before movies and finds himself treated like a rock star during the robberies as female clerks swoon over him. His first heist going smoothly despite nervousness, and, like John Dillinger twenty years before him, Boyd managed multiple escapes from prison. Scott Speedman, usually used to playing a nice guy, effectively embodies Boyd, and he is joined by Kevin Durand, William Mapother, and Brian Cox to create a strong ensemble that helps Boyd’s story come alive. “Citizen Gangster,” with its slick title and impressive main character, proves to be an engaging and memorable adventure that shines a spotlight on one particularly intriguing criminal that might not be well known to American audiences.


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