Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Talking Tribeca: The Giant Mechanical Man

I’ve had the pleasure this year of screening some selections from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, which takes place April 18th-29th.

The Giant Mechanical Man
Directed by Lee Kirk
Festival Screenings

This comedic drama is a delight for a number of reasons, the most significant of which is finding strong roles for two fantastic actors. Jenna Fischer has always been fun on “The Office,” and she needs better film parts than “Walk Hard,” “Solitary Man,” and “A Little Help.” Portraying disgruntled temp Janice is a perfect fit, and the same can be said for Chris Messina, from “Damages,” “Six Feet Under” and “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” among other projects, who is superb as Tim, a creative artist who spends his days dressed up as a giant silver mechanical man, determined to make those lost in life feel better about the world being a crazy place. Both Janice and Ted are dissatisfied with being told how they’re supposed to live and act, and watching them find each other and their own version of happiness is quite enjoyable. Malin Akerman, Rich Sommer, Topher Grace, Lucy Punch, and Bob Odenkirk make up an amusing ensemble, and this film is rich and full of great dramatic and comedic moments. It’s a wonderful and original outlook on the world that gradually gets happier as it goes on, and a sterling usage of actors to tell a captivating and enjoyable story.

See it or skip it? Definitely see it – it’s great! Don’t worry if you missed it at the festival, since it’s being released at the Village East Cinema this Friday.

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