Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Triple Features

Welcome to a new weekly feature here at Movies With Abe, Thursday Triple Features. Throughout college, I would often head to the movies for three films in a row on a Friday or Sunday, and I’m excited to recall some of my most memorable experiences. I don’t necessarily advocate that you try this at home, but I’ll explore that as well.

My sixth triple feature extravaganza, like the fourth, was actually a quadruple feature and was inarguably my most exciting cinematic outing ever (though I do hope to top it one day). After a summer at home in Holliston, Massachusetts, I needed to catch up on the films I had missed that summer and the past few weeks. I decided to replicate my plans from the year earlier, to see four movies back-to-back, but changed it up by visiting four theatres, walking nearly five miles over the course of the day. Watch all four Minutes with Abe here.

August 27, 2009

Movie #1: District 9
Theatre: AMC 34th St
Time of Day: 10:15am
Runtime: 112 minutes
This mid-August release got plenty of good buzz, and for spectacular reason. It’s an exceptionally captivating, layered vision of segregated aliens in Johannesburg is excellently done, and leaves much to think about after it’s over. An intense film to start the day with, but a wholly worthwhile one.

Movie #2: Inglourious Basterds
Theatre: AMC Empire 25
Time of Day: 12:45pm
Runtime: 153 minutes
I had no idea how fantastic this Quentin Tarantino film was going to be. It works so incredibly well on so many levels, and features an astonishing performance from Christoph Waltz as the quadrilingual Jew Hunter. The film is so complex that the title characters barely even feature into half the film’s plot because so much is going on. This quickly became my favorite film of the year.

Movie #3: In the Loop
Theatre: Clearview Chelsea
Time of Day: 4:00pm
Runtime: 106 minutes
This spirited comedy about an easily flustered, idiotic British Secretary of State was blisteringly funny, featuring rich, ridiculous characters, and spotlighting the foul-mouthed Simon Foster, who managed to turn every situation into a shouting and swearing match. It was the least serious film of the day thus far, but a smart film that rightfully earned an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Movie #4: Julie & Julia
Theatre: AMC Loews Village 7
Time of Day: 6:30pm
Runtime: 123 minutes
My last film of the day was the lightest and most appetizing, featuring charming performances from Amy Adams and Meryl Streep as a budding chef and her idol, Julia Child. It may not have been too serious, but both actresses made it immensely enjoyable and entertaining. Unsurprisingly, Streep netted an Oscar nomination for her performance

The review: Such excellent choices, ranging in theme and style. I couldn’t have picked a more satisfying bunch.
The grades: B+, A, B+, B+
A good lineup? Absolutely. My walks in between helped me to clear my head and get into a fresh mood, but each film was so good about establishing itself that it proved unnecessary. Going from dark and violent to light and comedic was nice as well. Do try this at home!

Coming up next: a less exciting slate of films at AMC 34th St several weeks later!

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