Monday, March 15, 2021

Oscar Nominees: Best Documentary Short

My predictions: 4/5
The nominees: Colette, A Concerto is a Conversation, Do Not Split, Hunger Ward, A Love Song for Latasha

I did very well here, picking four nominees correctly and having my alternate sub in for the open slot. This is a very good list, ranging from multigenerational relationships to protests to starvation to loss. Anyone reading this should be able to watch all of these films for free: Colette on The Guardian, A Concerto is a Conversation via The New York Times, Do Not Split from Field of Vision, Hunger Ward on Pluto TV, and A Love Song for Latasha on Netflix. I’d also urge you to watch the five films that didn’t make the cut, detailed here.

My current bet to win: I’m going with A Concerto is a Conversation.

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