Thursday, March 24, 2022

Oscar Winner Predictions: Best Live Action Short

The nominees: Ala Kachuu – Take and Run, The Dress, The Long Goodbye, On My Mind, Please Hold

Previous winners: Two Distant Strangers, The Neighbor’s Window, Skin, The Silent Child, Sing, Stutterer, The Phone Call
For your information: Both “On My Mind” filmmakers have previous wins. Director Martin Strange-Hansen won this prize in 2002 for “This Charming Man.” Producer Kim Magnusson has six previous nominations in this category, with two wins, for 1998’s “Election Night” and 2013’s “Helium.” “The Dress” producer Maciej Slesicki was nominated in 2013 for the documentary short “Our Curse.” “The Long Goodbye” producer Riz Ahmed was nominated last year for his performance in “Sound of Metal.” This is the first nomination for all other filmmakers. I had the pleasure to interview all the filmmakers – click on the titles above to watch! Also be sure to check out my conversations with two of the film’s stars, Erick Lopez and Riz Ahmed. All five films are available to watch online. Rent “Ala Kachuu” and “The Dress” on Vimeo, watch “The Long Goodbye” and “On My Mind” on YouTube, and “Please Hold” on HBO Max.

Who should win: I’m all for this list. I would probably choose “Ala Kachuu” or “The Long Goodbye.”
Who will win: This category is competitive. I’ll go with The Long Goodbye but it could be any of them.

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