Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Witty and Sharp: In Bruges

In Bruges (Advance Screening)
Directed by Martin McDonagh
To be released February 8, 2008

This offbeat film is a fine, definitive example of a black comedy at its best. Brendan Gleeson (finally in a lead role!) and Colin Farrell star as hitmen sent to an obscure Belgian town to lay low. Gleeson's appreciative history buff loves the experience, while Farrell's loud, arrogant drinker seeks only the nearest bar. The brilliance of "In Bruges" is in its subtlety and its avoidance of overplaying any of its humor. The film, and the stars, fluctutate from wry comedy to dark drama without even a moment's hesitation, and the transition is so smooth it is hardly felt. It is only made better by the presence of a feisty dwarf and Ralph Fiennes in a surprisingly hilarious performance. And the ending - so much to say, but you have to see the film first.


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