Friday, November 12, 2010

Other Israel Film Festival Spotlight: Documentaries

The 4th Annual Israel Film Festival began last night, and Movies With Abe is proud to offer you a spotlight on some of the films being presented. Visit the festival website for a complete schedule of screenings for the films.

Back and Forth

This collection of four short films weaves together vignettes related to Bedouins and the treatment of women within their culture. Of note about this project is that all of the directors are themselves Bedouins and first-time filmmakers, and the end result is edited in such a way that they flow together seamlessly to create a fleeting but fascinating portrait of Bedouin life that rarely gets exposed to the outside world.

Lod Detour

With films like “The Lottery” and “Waiting for Armageddon” populating the American documentary scene this year, it’s especially interesting to take a look at a failing high school in Israel that underlines the perceived differences in educational opportunities and experiences of Jewish and Arab students. What makes it especially worthwhile is the fact that it isn’t sugar-coated with a hopeful message in the same way that those in the West are (though it’s not necessarily inappropriate if they are), giving it a very rugged, gritty, authentic feel.

Lone Samaritan

This look at the effects on one Samaritan family as the three daughters leave the community is short but densely packed with plenty of emotional punch. Famous actress and singer Sophie Tzdaka, one of the daughters, makes a particularly compelling case as she becomes visibly agitated as her father refuses to allow himself to become angry about his treatment since the defection of his children. This story is specific to the Samaritans, yet it’s a universally relatable truth about what tends to happen when people leave a close-knit community.

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