Friday, February 11, 2011

Movie with Abe: Orgasm Inc. (Capsule Review)

Orgasm Inc.
Directed by Elizabeth Canner
Released February 11, 2011

This movie’s provocative title isn’t the only controversial thing about it. This investigation into the obsession with female sexual dysfunction reveals that this disease that supposedly afflicts 43% may not actually be grounded in actual medical diagnosis and more so in pharmaceutical speak designed to drum up an artificial need for its products. “Orgasm Inc” is a light, bubbly, occasionally scathing portrait of the pharmaceutical industry and the considerable evils which it has undertaken in its pursuit of increased cash flow. The energy of the film ebbs and flows, and at its height, it’s marvelously entertaining. It may not have the overall appeal of the similarly-titled “Food, Inc,” but it’s still a worthwhile venture that’s relatively eye-opening.


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