Friday, February 25, 2011

Oscar Winner Predictions: Best Documentary

The competition: Exit through the Gift Shop, Gasland, Inside Job, Restrepo, Wasteland

Previous winners: The Cove, Man on Wire, Taxi to the Dark Side, An Inconvenient Truth, March of the Penguins, Born into Brothels
Who should win: “Inside Job,” though I haven’t seen two of them
Who will win: Unfortunately, this is one category where I haven’t had the opportunity to see all of the nominees. I’m missing both “Gasland” (a drilling exposé) and “Wasteland” (about art from trash), so if you’ve seen either, please post your reactions and thoughts in the comments. I wasn’t entirely enthralled by either “Exit through the Gift Shop” or “Restrepo,” though I know both have their ardent fans and could easily pull off a win. The former is probably more likely given its rather unique, upbeat subject matter. The latter does have its passionate defenders, so watch out for a potential win there. I’m still going to go with my favorite, “Inside Job”, a biting, comprehensive, entertaining look at the financial crisis. It’s hardly a lock, but it has a strong shot.

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