Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oscar Nominees: Best Original Screenplay

My predictions: 4/5, picking “Fruitvale Station” over “Dallas Buyers Club”
My ballot: Come back in February!
The nominees: American Hustle, Blue Jasmine, Dallas Buyers Club, Her, and Nebraska

This is relatively boring – the exact WGA list in this race. The love for “Dallas Buyers Club” did get a little excessive with a Film Editing mention, but fortunately it didn’t go too far beyond that. “American Hustle” is nominated everywhere, and “Nebraska” did well too. I’m most excited about “Her,” which scored a handful of cool nominations despite missing out on Best Director and any acting awards. I wish we could have had more nominees like that one here, like “Fruitvale Station” any other deserving, more interesting films.

My current bet to win: It’s a battle between Her and “Blue Jasmine.” I pick the former.

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