Friday, February 14, 2014

AFT Awards: Best Ending

This is the twenty-fourth category of the 7th Annual AFT Film Awards to be announced. The AFT Awards are my own personal choices for the best in film of each year and the best in television of each season. The AFT Film Awards include the traditional Oscar categories and a number of additional specific honors. Click here to see previous years of this category. Nominees are pictured in the order I’ve ranked them. Beware spoilers for the films pictured above.

The winner:
Fill the Void immersed itself in its character’s sense of the moment, providing an inescapable pathway into her view on the world.

Other nominees:
The Look of Love had its most tragic character croon the song that shares its name with the title, bringing its events full-circle in a haunting way. Gravity reached such a triumphant finale after all endured during its runtime that its ending doubles as a whole new beginning. The East turned its entire concept on its head in its final moments, choosing to continue the story over the end credits rather than give it a finite resolution. 12 Years a Slave encompassed such a struggle, and its quiet, tear-filled finale was a heartbreaking way to demonstrate just how much it meant.

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