Monday, February 24, 2014

Oscar Winner Predictions: Best Adapted Screenplay

The competition: Before Midnight (Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke, and Richard Linklater), Captain Phillips (Billy Ray), Philomena (Steve Coogan, Jeff Pope), 12 Years a Slave (John Ridley), The Wolf of Wall Street (Terence Winter)

Previous winners: Argo, The Descendants, The Social Network, Precious, Slumdog Millionaire, No Country for Old Men
My winner: Warm Bodies
The facts: The team behind “Before Midnight” was here nine years ago for the previous film in the series, and they’re the only returning faces. All but “Before Midnight” are nominated for Best Picture.

Who should win: “12 Years a Slave” or “Captain Phillips”
Who will win: The prevailing opinion is 12 Years a Slave, and I don’t think that “The Wolf of Wall Street,” its top competition, will be able to unseat it.

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