Monday, February 15, 2010

Oscar Winner Predictions: Best Adapted Screenplay

The competition: District 9, An Education, In the Loop, Precious, Up in the Air

Previous winners: Slumdog Millionaire, No Country for Old Men, The Departed, Brokeback Mountain, Sideways
Who should win: In the Loop
Who will win: This category hasn’t seen a real contest in over five years, since the expected winner has prevailed every year since 2003 when “The Return of the King” swallowed it up as part of its staggering eleven wins. This year should be no different. Despite the hilarious and absurd dialogue strung together in “In the Loop” and the powerful adaptation of the novel by Sapphire in “Precious,” this award will go to “Up in the Air,” and at this point looks like it will be the film’s only win. Neither “District 9” (sci-fi) nor “An Education” (too light) has a shot either, so call it now for Up in the Air.

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