Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oscar Winner Predictions: Best Costume Design

The competition: Anna Karenina (Jacqueline Durran), Les Miserables (Paco Delgado), Lincoln (Joanna Johnston), Mirror Mirror (Eiko Ishioka), Snow White and the Hunstman (Colleen Atwood)

Previous winners: The Artist, Alice in Wonderland, The Young Victoria, The Duchess, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Marie Antoinette
My winner: Anna Karenina
The facts: Atwood earns her ninth nomination this year and has won three times, most recently for “Alice in Wonderland.” This is Durran’s third nomination and her third mention for a Joe Wright film. This is the first nomination for both Delgado and Johnston. Ishioka, who won this award in 1992 for “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” passed away one year ago.
Who should win: “Anna Karenina,” hands-down
Who will win: Unless Snow White is truly beloved, or voters really love France, it will be Anna Karenina.

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